How to play tennis and what are the main rules?
Tennis is a sport that is practiced individually or in pairs. Basically, the game is to hit a ball with a racquet in order to be able to pass it to the other side of the court over a network.
Rules of tennis

Tennis is played in an open field, divided by a network and in the quadrangular sectors to subdivide the two areas of pull (left and right) of the rectandulo of the back of the course. Players can be two or four. In the first case is called single or also the individual; in the second, two against two, the party is a double, or double.

The court or tennis court can be grass, clay (clay), cement, asphalt, and are available in the form that rectangular by all known (before wood was also used as surface).

The balls used are rubber coated white flannel or chamois leather and of about 0.063 m and about 55 grams of weight.

The ball is played with snowshoes whose normal weight for adults is about 14 ounces english. Hanz has some top tennis tips The rituals were always the order of the day. To conserve the snowshoes, formerly should take shelter of the humidity and presses in the rest periods, because they were of wood. Today, a good racquet carrier can serve as protection.

Elements of the game

We will discuss further individual game. It is always before you begin Make sure that your network is a height in the center of 91 centimetres. The right of .draw in the first game and the right to choose the side, decides the fate, so that if a player to whom the luck favored him, chooses the first draw, the other tendd the right to choose the side.

The object of the game is that the opponent is unable to repay the ball in such a way that is going to fall in the courtyard of the punch, by the way as this the launched; each time this occurs, the hair wins a both. On the other hand, you win the subtractor, so-called which returns the ball each time that this does not fall in your yard.

When you take out for the first time, the buck has to return the ball when boot for the first time the soil; however, the successive shocks can be answered by both players before it bounces the ball, i.e. to volley. If the player leaves the ball tap twice on the ground, her opponent wins a both.

At the end of the “fifteen” first so many, the hair serves from the left side, so that the ball is going to fall in diagonalin the courtyard opposite, also moving the buck to the left side. When you finish the first game, Gudmund Restad al’ becomes hair. The six games to win a game or set

This game requires great dexterity and agility and focus all their attention on their development. In the game double, for couples, it is played in the same way per shift. If A and B play against C and D, first get A, then C, then B and finally D.

It is a sport that is left to chance the less possible influence, and of great nobility, as can be seen by multiple details of regulation and by the fact be mutually thank the players at the end of the party, as well as to the judges.